Writing great event descriptions

A well-written event description can really help to sell your event.

The description must include between 20 and 500 words. 

For an online audience, it’s important to cut straight to the chase. People consume digital media very differently to printed material. Users scan an online page rather than read word for word. More than 70% of our users visit from a mobile or tablet. How would you describe the event in a short space of time?

Also keep the following tips in mind:

  • Use short sentences. Aim for an average of 15 words per sentence and a maximum of 22 words.
  • Write in active tense. Passive sentences can usually be re-written by removing the word ‘by’. For example, The artist will open the exhibition, rather than, The exhibition will be opened by the artist.
  • Cut repetition. This just creates more text for the user to digest. Read your description once written and delete any text that’s already been included. A bullet point list is great, but its contents don’t need to be repeated in a paragraph.
  • Use plain English. Remove industry jargon.
  • Avoid writing in CAPS.
  • For lists, use bullets or numbers. Things to bring to a workshop would make a great list.
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