A guide to entering dates

There are several options for entering event dates. Selecting the right option can make an effective listing.

Select the start and end dates for your event. If your event is only on 1 day, select the same date for both fields.

Select the all day option if your event runs for 24 hours. For example, an outdoor installation that can be viewed at any time. 

Event frequency:

  • Daily - Every day within your selected date range.
  • Weekly on multiple days - Specific days of the week. For example, Monday, Thursday and Saturday every week.
  • Monthly - Once a month, with the option of choosing the first, second, third or fourth recurring day each month. For example, the first and third Saturdays each month.
  • Custom - No date pattern, where days are entered manually.

To ensure the correct days are pre-selected, check your start and end dates match your occurrence. 

Use additional date information for brief notes like door opening times or intermission length.

We have more information about dates for exhibitions and opening nights.

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