Getting the right dates for exhibitions and opening nights

Your exhibition runs from 17 March to 1 April. But the gallery is only open Tuesday to Saturday. You don't want people turning up on a Sunday or Monday. What do you do?

Here's how to create the perfect date range.

  1. Enter the start date of your exhibition. This is the first day it's open to the public. By default you'll see today's date – you can change this.
  2. Add the gallery opening time. 
  3. Repeat for the exhibition’s closing date and time.
  4. By default, the daily frequency will be selected. Change this to weekly on multiple days.
  5. Select the days of the week your gallery will open.
  6. Different time each day - no is selected by default. Change this if there are different opening hours for each day. Enter the opening hours. 
  7. You have the option to add an exception date. This is a date the gallery will not open. 
  8. Adding an additional date is also an option. Select this if there’s an opening night the day before your exhibition begins.

The field for additional date information can be used for brief notes such as door opening times.

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